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Serviced Office vs Conventional Office
Conventional Office Serviced Office @ Suntech
Requires a substantial capital outlay- Furniture, Telecommunications, IT infrastructure, Security Systems, Fit-out, Legal & Professional Fees, etc. No capital outlay. Serviced Office @ Suntech is comfortably furnished and fully equipped with the necessary business and recreational facilities.
It can easily take many hours over serveral months to find the right office space, agree on terms, obtain legal approvals, implement refurbishing and fitting out. Your business can be fully functioning from day one, including telephone, fax , internet connections, Wi-Fi and LAN cabling.
Requires strict leases of at least two years. This limits flexibility and ties up capital. Short term leases as little as one month are available to give your company the advantage or liquidity.
Requires multiple contracts with utilities, cleaning, repair and maintenance. One monthly fixed invoice.
Additional office space is needed to accommodate for communal areas such as meeting rooms, reception, break out areas and even the corridors. Pay only for the desk area you occupy.
Considerable time and human resources need to be allocated to efficiently manage the office. We are responsible for all the office management thus leaving you, the occupier, to concentrate on your core business.
Significantly higer costs in office rental and maintenance in prime locations. Serviced Office @ Suntech is surprisingly affordable and is strategically sited in a world class building at the heart of the Penang Cybercity business district.
Cost of hiring a receptionist. Reception services are included thus saving you the cost of hiring a receptionist.
Cost Comparison - Workspace for 3 persons
1) Setup Cost Conventional Office (Empty) * Serviced Office @ Suntech
- Space Requirement Around 400 sq. ft. Around 150 sq. ft.
- Realtor / Legal Fees RM 1,200 Included
- A/C Unit & Installation (x2) RM 3,000 Included
- Electrical Works RM 1,500 Included
- CAT5e Cabling RM 1,000 Included
- Telephone Systems RM 1,580 Included
- Security System RM 1,800 Included
- Carpets & Partitions RM 3,000 Included
- Ceiling & Lighting Works RM 2,000 Included
- Tint/blinds for the windows RM 1,000 Included
- Furniture & Equipment RM 10,000 Included
Total (Setup) RM 26,080 RM 0
2) Monthly Cost Conventional Office (Empty) * Serviced Office @ Suntech
- Rent RM 1,000 RM1,399 - RM2,200
- Electricity RM 400 Included
- Water RM 30 Included
- Broaband Internet RM 199 Included
- Office Cleaning Service RM 500 Included
- Monthly Salary for Receptionist / Admin RM 1,500 Included
- Fax Line Rental ( x 1 ) RM 45 Included
- Phone Line Rental ( x 3 ) RM 135 Included
- Coffee / Pantry Supplies RM 50 Included
- Maintenance & Repairs (Office & Equipment) RM 200 Included
Total (Monthly) RM 4,059 RM 1,399 - RM 2,200
* A conservative estimate of costs in a conventional office lease.
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