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Instant & Ready

Bring your laptop and get started on your business instantly without any CAPEX

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Simple & Sustainable

A single bill monthly for sustainably spaced and gender friendly workplace

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Flexible Contract

Long term office that improves team’s focus or short term for project

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Right-sized Office

Upgrade or right-size workplace according to your business needs

Hot Desk (Co-working)

Hot Desk (Co-Working Space)

Ideal for those who do not need dedicated and full time workspace. Telecommuters or startups’ preferred choice.

Co-Working Space

One of the many great innovations in the workforce community is the emergence of co-working space. The need for it has become more apparent, parallel to the growing independent workforce sprouting incessantly around the world. Initially a very popular concept, especially in countries where space is limited in major metropolitan cities. However, the ideology has grown far more rapidly beyond this with so many people wanting a space of their own to work, aside from home but in a place comfortable and even cozy enough without the feeling of total isolation. The co-working space answers to these needs and opens up new “communities” for the very creative individuals and groups. Co-working space has now become more sophisticated and diverse in their set ups, embracing the concept of a fun, unique and versatile environment.

A Growing Concept

In essence, many cafes were once thought of as the ideal co-working space, evidently from the set up that these operators offer to their patrons. From cozy plump sofas to executive chairs perched about a very promising table. Wifi is lightning fast and naturally patrons would spend longer time in a certain café where they could enjoy all these facilities with great amount of comfort. However, the type of patrons entering a café could be unpredictable. The usual diners or merely a group of friends having a session of conversation might dampen the spirit and comfort to those that seek a spot to work. Places like Starbucks, Coffee Bean and McCafé are some of the highly sought-after spots to work. It is almost a definite sight to see at least a few tables with laptops, chargers and a cup of their favorite beverage. So how could any place or space transcend further to mimic such provision of comfort, fun, flexibility but with the injection of a more private, official and semi-permanent space that one could call their own?